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Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing...

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

5 November 1975
well i am a erratic, eccentric, eclectic person who likes to try and do a variety of things. qualities that i like are honesty and integrity. those are two, the big one is really just honesty. just put all the facts out there and let them stand for themselves. *sigh* who can describe themselves in x hundred characters...there is much much more. I am human after all...chaos is one of my very very best friends.

at the moment i am just a wandering soul. headed towards tomorrow is my basic plan. what tomorrow holds? whats gonna happen? no clue. Ask god, and tell me what he says. At the moment, I am just enjoying life.

i like to say that i`ll try anything once, except for drugs - which i fear more than anything. I am a free spirit of sorts, wandering the planet looking for a place. I dont have any real goals at the moment, it is just me and my god(who i`m sure has some plans but has yet to reveal them to me). I like adventure, and different things. I embrace diversity as much as possible...it makes life so much more interesting.
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