radiantshadow (radiantshadow) wrote,

i havent posted anything real here in a while. that thought occurred to me friday, oddly while i was driving.

I just ended a fex, field exercise. wasnt that long and really not that hard, just kinda did my job.

am prepping for this deployment, and while it is real to me. it isnt. not yet. not until i step off the plane if i know me. still waiting. am worried about the family and the little lady. me it will me easy, just do what i do with the people that i have meshed with over the past 5ish months. family i will just not be here no more but will be in a combat zone doing god knows what. doesnt scare me, but them...well dad was in korea. and while this isnt that and that isnt this, still see my dad worrying.

i know, you are saying he's your dad and she's your mom and that other her is your sister, of course they are going to worry.... just dont want them to. foolish i know but still, "I" will be surrounded by a few hundred Marines. statistically it is safer where i am going than on the nations highways...sad but true.

just rambling i suppose.


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