radiantshadow (radiantshadow) wrote,

who is out there ?

hi dad.

i know you check this thing regularly, was just wondering who all was out there... ess dont be shy.

what all has happened in the last month...

my realization that if it wasnt for the Marine Corps the land that is camp lejeune would be only one small step away from swamp land. that explains a lot. it may have been obvious to a lot of people but i just caught on. hey the ground is squishy, it musta just rained...

it is surprisingly easy to learn to go to bed to the sound of mortars and arti and machine gun fire.

as a side note, as a symbol of how much i have changed, i was actually happy to see a range officer load his rifle... long story but he was transporting some weapons and there is something satisfying see rounds being sent into the chamber.

am currently on the rifle range freezing my butt off. its cool though.

should pickup Sgt on the first as long as i qualify on said range.

have been doing a lot of training. rifle range, CMP shoot (Combat Marksmanship Program). essentially the difference between the two is that the rifle range is just teaching people to shoot given perfect (or nearly so) conditions from 200, 300 and 500 yards sitting, kneeling, prone and / or standing. you use a rather unrealistic sling to stabilize the weapon and only fire one shot per minute for the most part (10 rounds in ten minutes, that sorta thing).

CMP is more combat oriented and is from the 50, 36 and 5 yard line i think. all standing and / or walking forward ... think walking down a city block or across a field while trying to kill that guy over there. hammer pairs, control pairs, box drills, remedial drills, burst drills, what else, some other crap i am forgetting ... they are all different engagement techniques and / or firing drills.

gas chamber - previously mentioned, enter, jumping jacks, pushups, take the mask off, what are these fuckers waiting for, i dont smoke(smokers feel it less) this shit is stinging me, put it back on, choke, gag, good gawd why did i reenlist ???, exit, snot flowing, eyes watering, free at last thank god i am free at last...

heat training... i think that stands for something of the nature of HMMWV Egression Assistance Trainer ??? essentially it is how to get out of a HMMWV (hummer) quickly if the need arises (eg it flips over and some a--hole is shooting at you or you are underwater etc etc) havent done it yet... we shall see.

requalify swim... havent done it yet, but go get dressed, ok jump off this cool but freakin high dive board, and swim to the edge, ok good job take all this gear and this rifle and swim to the other side of the pool, GOOD JOB NOW SWIM BACK !!! !@#$%^^&*( grumble grumble, good job now take all your own gear and all of this guys gear and this guy and tow it all (him included) over there....GOOD NOW COME BACK!!!! grumble grumble, good job now see that guy over there ... um you mean the one that can swim like a squid and looks kinda like a cross between mike tyson and a shark ??? ... yeah him go drag him back here, but be careful he is going to try to drown you ... go lower the depth of the pool by about 6 inches by gulping it down and nearly drown and towed back in by aforementioned creature of the sea hacking and coughing up a lung and above mentioned quantity of good ole H 2 O along the way ...good times...

its really chilly here... cant say cold as some people know true cold and would slay me for calling low 60's cold.

i got two roommates in a room smaller than the one i had at HQMC. we are really tripping over each other.

ermmmm ...

other interesting details are on the way i am sure... chaos still reins, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
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