radiantshadow (radiantshadow) wrote,

end of the road, time to stop running

well i shouldnt avoid this any longer, i am going to have to either stop posting here for a while or radically change the content. why ? well some things in my life have changed and it would be best for me. those that know me have a big mouth and sometimes that translates into fingers that type more than they should. i may move, i may just change this one. the old way, involved silently slipping off into the night, dont think that i can do that anymore. many changes have happened in the lifetime of this journal.

but life involves change. so i must acquiesce.

i have been reading The food whore lately, am thinking about making a food blog.


I'll be back, i just cant keep talking about random life stuff. there are now other considerations.

Stop This Train from the album "Continuum" by John Mayer

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