radiantshadow (radiantshadow) wrote,

The Graduation Song - Eyes Half Open


These are the days of your life
And don't let them pass you by
Cause you never know when you might take your last breath
And so take a deep one tonight

Good friends we had along the way
And good friends that didn't make it to where we stand today
But we all know that they're looking down on us
And even though their lives were cut short
We still remember the little thing that made us laugh about them
And do you remember when and where did you meet them?

We are one in the same
We are lovers, and brothers, and sisters
And we're most of our friends
Hold on to your memories
Hold on to those little things
And I hope you receive as much as you get
Cause when you die they're the only things
That you can take to your grave

And as we approach our final day
Where we all will go our separate ways
So go hug and kiss your friends
And say goodbye to them

-artist unknown
Tags: lyrics

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