radiantshadow (radiantshadow) wrote,

rough road to glory

well its been a bad pair of weeks for injuries, including but not limited to a dislocated finger, badly bruised hip(to the point where it hurt to get into my car), tried to catch a soccer ball with my face(ended up breaking my glasses and having a nice pair of scars on my face) and some other minor crap... annyingly mostly on the left hand side of my body... oh yeah, and we started green belt trainig...(USMC stuff, basically throwing each other around to make sure we know how)... that last one is kinda fun though.

and then there was last night where me and this corporal spent about three hours going to every taco stand and mexican food place between here and the mexican border, looking for tamales and asada burritos. we found some burritos but nix on the tamales. this is friggin yuma, we are like 30 miles from the US - Mexico border... it should be that hard. we asked everyone, old ladies, old men, even a sherrif, no dice.

until today when i decided to give it another go... sweet beautiful success.... dad, sis, mom, anyone else who decides to come visit... me now have a nice mexican food place for you to go to, sice you all ask so much....

*shrug* life.

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