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Trip Report: W D W 20060107

Location: Kofa National WIldlife Reserve, Arizona
Route: Kings Valley Road to Castle Dome Road via McPherson Pass and McPherson Wash.
Mileage: 39.26 miles round trip.

I suppose i should start with a story about the true beginning of why die wondering. short story, is that its genetic. not the why die, well maybe, but the lunacy. long story: my dad has it, and my grandpa to. see last time, i was thinking that i had never biked that far, but then it hit me. that time with my dad. oh, but i most definitely had, just like this time was defeinitive in that i have never biked this far. but the previous record was held by me and my dad.

my dad.

See it was like this. Where we used to live, back when my parents were still together we lived like 10 minutes from my school, we must have been in like the 5th grade or something, and it was like, it couldnt have been more than 10 miles (first 2 miles uphill the rest downhill), but there was this huge fucking hill in the way, and one time, dont know what the hell i was thinking (i probably wasnt), i was like hey dad, lets bike to school ????

now i didnt ask my sister cause i knew that she had the good sense to say no. I didnt ask my mom, cause she usually didnt go biking with us when we went (me, dad, and my sister). I asked my dad because i knew that he was the only one in the family crazy er brave :) enough to actually try it. that thinking probably had something to do with grandpa who has a wild streak all his own. me and grandpa would walk all sorts of places, but thats another story entirely. short story, the man is fearless.

so i'm like "dad, lets bike to school !!! c'mon it'd be fun !!!" at first dad was like "boy your crazy" , "listen to how much the car is changing gears" ... as we drove over the course. it couldn't have been more than 20 miles but it was all huge hills, a lot of climbing.

so one day, i dont know what got in to him, but the girls had all gone somewhere when he pokes his head into my rooom and is all like "wanna go for a ride". like i said i dont know what the hell got in to him, he seemed sober, didnt seem any "different", but he was all "well, lets see how far we can get". another moment to explain, that now i know the true meaning of those words. now i know that they mean, we are about to have the time of our lives getting into the shit. DEEP down in the shit. but i was young and full of something, god knows what. and for dad, hell if i know what his excuse is going to be.

but we start out, quickly realizing that this is a damn big hill, but there we are father and son, taking it on. eventually we get to the top, then cruise down to the school. then we got to get home. so we take another route for that, one that was like 75% up hill. gah.

we were beat when we got home, but we got home. me and my dad. out there.

so that can be seen as the start of the modern era of wdw. and dad, no i havent, nor will i ever forget that ride, thanks.

so on to todays act of extreme lunacy. off at sunset, everything went pretty well until i got into the wash...and fell, and my front brake decided that it didnt want to disengage, so i had to do it permanently, and i decided that i can make it the rest of the way with just the rear brake....and then i get through the wash, and through the pass(not easy by any means) and see those clouds in the distance, and wonder "hmmmm are they the cause of those big booms that i've been hearing???"(in my own defense, the clouds were hidden by the pass) oh but lets see if we (me myself and i) can make it down to castle dome road or 20 miles, which ever one comes first.

I eventually realize that the end of the trail and the start of the road are not marked and get to a little museum that must be where the trail starts. must be because the road quality improved noticeably and i was not about to go another foot further.

if i ever do that again, and this is a big if, i am doing it backwards. because the way that i did it, the first 4 miles and the last 7 miles of the outbound leg are all down hill making the first 7 miles and the last 4 miles of the inbound leg, thats the last part uphill. If it could go wrong, it either did, or threatened to...those clouds i quickly realized that were the source of those booms. I should start refering to those clouds now as "that storm front" cause that is what it was. it never rained, but i had to give serious consideration to plan B. and along those lines i need to put more thought into plan B. as staff sergeant and sergeant major were going over my plans for this ride they kinda ordered me to acquire a poncho, which was a good thing, cause had it rained i would have been stuck in the pass and it would have come in extremely handy.

I think that i will be more positive in a few days. when so much doesnt hurt so bad.... :) lol. when i got back to my car, i looked in the mirror, and damn near my whole face was white from the dried sweat, today was a definitive day.


I think that i will do it again, only backwards this time.
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