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ya know those times ...

*shrug* you know those time when it is like 4:26 in the morning and you just want someone to talk to but you dont dare call any family / girlfriend / best friends(Jax / Jamie /T / Pat) exactly because it is #1 4:27 now, in the morning, and #2 you dont have anything good to talk about, you are just lonely and want a voice to talk to so because you are a nerd you start pounding away on the keys on your powerbook in the barracks thinking / hoping that someone will read this post later on and care about you and the other hundreds of thousands of marines/soldiers/sailors who man posts at all hours of the day and night, all over the world, ready to render violence, so that others can sleep in peace...


am going to hobble my broken self(broken toe .... another story in itself) down stairs to get a soda then off to bed.... no comments from the peanut gallery about how healthy that is / isnt.


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