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ok, fine i will admit it.

I am addicted to food.... I guess that i would have to be to want to open my own place. My girlfriend suggested that i find a book to read, I wont tell you why she suggested this but i wandered over to barnes and noble and found myself a book and rediscovered another part of my restaurant thingy...

going off on a tangent, have you ever just wanted to sell everything that you own, and just grab a pack or something. I mean minimize all your stuff down to the bare minimum and just disappear for a while.

I have. At first i wanted to disappear into the rocky mountains, but common sense has slowly evolved that into some south pacific island chain at best or central coast CA at worst. Just go and live off of what you know and learn the rest. I dont know about yall, but i am not really a fan of the big city life. Sometimes i long to be away from it all. And those few times when i have escaped, i have not really been all that eager to come back.

Just like joining the marines, one day i am going to sell all that i own, I am mean damn near all of it. And move to some quiet place, far from the rapid place (thanks to take 6). But yeah, I am going to do it. Everything, and I mean everything is pointing that direction. Be yet another weary marine just looking for some peace and quiet in the country. peace and quiet in the restaurant business is impossible i know, but i am willing to make the sacrifices.

dreams. dreams of something better.

*sigh* for now i need to wash clothes and prepare for my test tomorrow.

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