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the colonel

so yesterday afternoon i had to drive this colonel somewhere so that he could give a speech. it wasnt something that i was looking forward to. i should mention that this particular col. is also the CO of the base. and that i usually hate spending any significant amount of time around officers. and that i had to spend an hour alone in a car with this one. an hour each way. and i was also really, really tired. visions of falling asleep at the wheel with the base CO in the backseat werent really helping things. i know i should have said something to someone about that, but i think i was chosen out of a matter of elimination, everyone else was either broke, away, or otherwise unavailable.

all that, but it went pretty well. no technical screw ups, i drove well enough that i think that he fell asleep on the way there, got a damn good steak, sat next to a cute but unavailable navy ac, and we talked a lot on the way back(to the col, not the ac...it didnt go THAT good). every now and then someone comes along to provide some confidence to me that all officers are not a bunch of god damn stupid fucking morons. of course he is a col with 29 years in the corps(for reference: i am 29 years old), so that says a lot by itself...

of course those visions of SAR(search and rescue) launching and a column of humvees coming to pull us out of a ditch, all bloodied and broken, all because i might have flown off the road and into a canal doing 75 mph asleep, and what that would have done to my, thus far, mostly clean Marine Corp career help keep me awake also. (think chants of "stay awake, stay awake, CO of the base, CO of the base, stay awake, stay awake").

One from the album "Miss Sarajevo (single)" by U2

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