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long story short, i had a very interesting conversation with a staff sergeant and a gunny from MSG recruiting(Marine Security Guard).  and i have decided to take my chances with the 01 (admin) field.  which means that i will essentially have my orders and begin my new job on monday.  which also means that i wont be going anywhere.  I cant do MSG or damn near anything else without an MOS(Military Occupational Specialty), which doing 01 will give me.  I will have the damn thing(the MOS code) in anywhere from 1 day to 6 months, either of which is fine.  so next year this time i should be a CPL (should happen inside of 6 months actually), have a 1st class PFT, and have better rifle scores.

Tomorrow, March 10, will be my 2 year mark in the USMC.  So the general plan is to do this admin thing for 6 - 12 months.  then apply for MSG.  that is a 38 month posting.  My current contract is a 5 year deal, so i will have to extend my contract to do it, but thats cool if i get it.  If not, i can get it under a re-enlistment incentive.  or if i do get it, i can do a lateral move out of admin as a re-enlistment incentive, if i really hate it(admin).

so thats the deal, i go nowhere, except to a different place to work to push more papers.  *sigh* well at least now there is a plan.

Whats Goin On w/ Los Lobos from the album “Til We Dance Away (Disc 11)” by Dave Matthews Band

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