radiantshadow (radiantshadow) wrote,


the ghosts returned last night.
they have been wandering around for the last couple of nights.
there is a thought that they did not come to visit me, not directly at least.  There are rumors that they had a greater effect on someone near.

but they did stop buy to greet me.  “He” kicked them out.  “He” with “their” help, or rathem “them” with “His” help would be the more correct way of putting it.

I dont know what exactly to think.

the more that goes right, the more that goes wrong.

The higher i climb, the further i fall.

one must ask, whats the point ?

it seems the more appropiate song to be listening to would be “we fall down” by sir McClurkin....

Exodus from the album “Til We Dance Away (Disc 5)” by Dave Matthews Band

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