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damn that was good....

I just had the best, most simple dinner.... carne asada tacos and a quesadilla. As i have the habit to do, i just ordered the quesadilla without really reading what was in it. it was just a taco with cheese(the taco's were just the meat in a corn tortilla). i shrugged, thought i paid a buck and a half for this, added some chunky brown semi-hot stuff, limes and found myself in heaven. perfectly marinated meat.

reminds me of this other time when my sister took / dragged me to her favorite place in LA to get fish tacos. I was looking up at the board, and saw something that i again didnt quite understand what it was so i ordered it. Turns out it was a whole fish, head and all, deep fried, set on top of some black beans, rice, fries, and some sort of cabbage salad with some limes and lemons on the side. So I am sitting there staring at this thing, thinking what the hell did i get myself into ... I mean, it was a whole fish, head, tail, bones and all and it wasnt no tiny thing either( thankfully though, they did take the guts out). My sister sitting across from me going what the hell did you order ?

so i did the only thing i could do, squeezed some lemons and limes over the thing, and started tearing out pieces of meat (it was a good sized fishy). I cant tell you what it was, what it was called(i do remember that it was #14 *shrug*), but i can tell you it was some of the best damn fish that i had had in a looooooong time.

I swear, when i open my restaurant, it will be the most simple food that I can come up with. Thats something that i have noticed, that the best food, really isnt all that complicated. Its when people try to go fancy that things go weird.


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