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a soundtrack for my life...

i got this idea from a internet board. asking people to post what would be the soundtrack to their lives. Of course I just had to try. the constraints were just that the list could only be 12 tracks long, which makes sense as most soundtracks are about that long. well i got mine down to 16. and here is a quick rough one:

Against All Odds - Phil Collins

Aint No Mountain High Enough - Michael McDonald

Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel

Creasy's Room ( "Man On Fire" ) - Harry Gregson - Williams

Everything Must Change - Quincy Jones

I Love L.A. - Randy Newman

I'm Going Away - Walter Hawkins

Indian Summer Sky - U2

Jessica's Theme (Breaking in the Colt) - Bruce Rowland(soundtrack to the man from snowy river)

Love Said Not So - The Winans

MLK - U2

Numb / Encore - Linkin Park / Jay-Z

Sunrise Of Your Smile - Michael Card

Taken ( "The Last Sumurai" )- Hans Zimmer

The Places You Find Love - Quincy Jones

Typical Situation - Dave Matthews Band

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