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Sunrise Of Your Smile

I dont know why, but this song just makes me happy and sad at the same time, maybe sad is a bad word, but i mean sad in a good way if that is at all possible. sad in a warm, loving sort of way, like happy / relief filled tears...

Reject the wordly lie that says,
That life lies always up ahead,
Let power go beofre control becomes a crust around your soul,
Escape the hunger to posess,
And soul-diminishing sucsess,
This world is full of narrow lives,
I pray byt grace your smile survives.

Chorus: For I would wander weary miles,
Would welcome ridicule, my child,
To simply see the sunrise of your smile,
To see the light behind your eyes,
The happy thought that makes you fly,
Yes, I would wander weary miles,
To simply see the sunrise of your smile.

Now close your eyes so you can see,
Your own unfinished memories,
Now open them, for time is breif,
And you'll be blest beyond belief,
Now glance above you at the sky,
There's beauty there to blind the eye,
I ask all this then wait awhile,
To see the dawning of your smile.


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