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I know that you think that I dont care, or that i was never really serious, or whatever fantasy goes through your head these days. but i do, and i was. i am sorry that things have worked out the way that they have. or rather the way that they did.

on a side note, twice recently people have misconstrued what i have written here. largely because i dont mention to many names and am more than a little bit efficient at being vague. the complexities of life, require me to be such a way. there is rarely just one thing inspiring the thoughts / quotes / lyrics / etc that show up here.

so LA, this one is for you and the life that never was.

And when you think your life is complete, and you truly understand the art of life with love, your heart is torn right of you and thrown into a new world. A world that portrays love as a masterpeice; a perfect union of two souls but underneath it all it`s just fiction. I can`t explain what just happened. The one relationship I gave my all and in exchange for nothing. Why is love have so complicated yet easy to fall into? I can write forever but where would it lead me? Will I ever find the one who can truly understand me? Or love as deeply as I do? I express my love through countless ways. But what really counts? The physical gifts? or the unseen endless love you bear? No matter how much you express your feelings, it will never be understood by the other, for what they see is superficial. Maybe one day someone can look beyond the surface into my soul and experience the ultimate...


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