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The eyes tell the story, those smiling, playful yet sadly tragic eyes. They tell a story. They speak of the existence of knowledge and understanding that tells of expirences beyond your years.

You asked me once, why ? Why do i care ?
I care, because I know.
I know.
I understand.
I have been there. I have seen those sad eyes before. I have seen them in the mirror. And I expect to see them again.

Can I talk to you sometime? Sometime when the insanity and the panic comes in so hard that i dont know how to handle it ?

Sometime when the fear grips so so hard, when the sun sets and I am terrified that I will not see it rise. Can i just call you to hear a caring voice that knows. That understands ?

Understands the fear, the panic, the complete chaos. Do you know, like talking to someone who just understands? Who you dont have to explain things to ? Who just knows.

Can I just call on you sometimes when I cant handle it ? Just to hear a voice that cares. A voice that wont judge or put me down, just a voice that cares. Just to know that I am not truly alone. Just for the reassurance.
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