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In the company of angels...

I do not know what it is, if they somehow communicate on some level or its just a coincidence(not likely). but in recent days, i have been quietly reminded of the beauty of the human spirit.

Human kindness popping up again and again amid the chaos. Everything from an off handed comment from halifax to a picture from chicago to Rivi getting qual'd ( okay, technically that doesnt belong in this grouping, but it made me smile for a day and then some so.... ) to a mental ping from sonja (dont even ask).

hmmm... what is it with this world ? i spend weeks and months thinking that i dont belong here, wondering when i will get to go home, and then a few gentle souls come along and soft slap me back into reality. None of us really belong here, but we will all help each other until our Lord and Saviour comes to take us home.

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