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Not in range, dont take the shot, save your time.

I never even considered you to be in range,
but like i always do, i fired anyways.
Maybe, just maybe
the gods will smile on me this time.
(even though they rarely did before)

how did i hit and miss
at the same time ?
how did that happen ?
Its all one big joke.


target locked,
I fired from oh so far away.
the sheer insanity of it kept me fighting,
now what ?

The picture blurs,
nothing is real.
Sun sets, Sun rises.


tomorrow is coming, when
where is it. why do i wait so long.
so patiently for tomorrow.

The chaos has returned,
welcome back my friend,
where have you been.
why did you leave me ?
what did i do ? why did you leave ?

-- G. M. Roaman

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