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Chasing The Setting Sun

Did even the Prophets know ?
Hello darkness my old friend.
I've brought along someone whom I am sure that you are familar with.


The orange sun setting in the distance.
The sound of silence.  Like a cancer grows.

Did even the Prophets know ?
Run hard, Run fast
Don't give up, don't give in to it
They told me.

The cold darkness comes
A hunger burns deep inside
Something's different.
A construct is formed.
     Hate, Love, Peace, Chaos, Despair.
There's a mutiny inside of me.
What next, Where now, Who, Why.

Did even the Prophets know ?
Even Them, did They understand ?

Darkness is forming all around.
All is different now.
Run fast, Run hard.  Never
     ever give up again.
     Never let go of the dream.

An intruder has been
     detected.  Scramble, Pass,

What now, where do we go now ?
Long way to go, but we have to start somewhere
     Only the rain has such small hands.
The wind, air flows past.
     Only the rain has such small hands.

We went to far to fast,
     travelled places men were not supposed to go.

Burrowed deep, 
     uncovered things we didn't want to acknowledge existed.

Saw what we werent prepared for.

Felt what was entirely beyond our capabilities to grasp.

What is this ?  Whats going on ?

What Have I Done ?

Am I Responsible.

Even the prophets had no idea.

--  G. M. Roaman


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