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ever get that feeling ?

Have you ever got that feeling or that sensation that time is slowing down, and you see your entire past flash in front of your eyes, and then what it was that caused the shock passes and you sit there wondering how the heck you managed to live ?

i have.

thank god it hasnt happened recently.

did i just jinx myself ... ?

yes i did in fact. ok so the above was supposed to be posted on the 11th, but because of 3/4 of a bottle of bacardi rum, 3 arby's sandwiches and some strange concotion that someone brought me, i ended up drunk, throwing up, with a massive hangover and swore to never touch alchol again.

so thatst that. And I'm serious, i was never that big of a drinker before, but that aint goin done any more, not even close.


So what else ? had a fun day on the airfield the other day. am getting my ears trained to understand what the pilots are saying.

more later,
me promise on a more regular schedule....

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