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You know what the problem is ?


It is a term used in the Information Technology industry to define when the computers / systems are down and not doing anything, or doing something other than what they should be doing. Downtime is something that you usually try to avoid. But for people, it can be a good thing. Its just that I slammed into me so quickly. I just did not see it coming. I got home and it was like BOOM !!!


Its because i was operating in such a high emotional state. And then I stepped into a void. It was like flooring the accelerator in your car while sitting on level ground. Going nowhere fast. but all around you, everyone was looking at me thinking that i was going the same speed that they where.

But I knew something that they didnt. I knew that I really had been somewhere very, very special. I had broken a barrier. No, we had broken a barrier. But i had not yet had time to fully realize it. I knew something had happened but the full impact of it had not hit me. And when it did, it scared me, worse than that, I was terrified. Reality can do that to a person sometimes. Its not that I hated the new reality, its more that i did not recognize it and the newness shocked me.

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