radiantshadow (radiantshadow) wrote,


time for my ever popular lists(is this the first one that i have ever posted ?):

1) I have this urgent need to go running, to just assault my body by numerous hills.
2) My desire to get back onto a military base has lessened somewhat.
3) I had a very nice dinner with chicago tonight... she showed her nerdy side.
4) I miss halifax with all my heart though.
5) I noticed today that I tend to assign code names to members of the opposite sex based on their locations, sometimes somewhat randomly.
6) Regardless of where they are from or my relationship with them, i shouldnt visit more than one member of the opposite sex per trip...I spent most of the morning ignoring chicago, talking to halifax.
7) I cant spend to much time at home when i get back, I just cant, I need to get back on base. I will probably stick around for a day or two to see my dad and sonja(a guy, a straight guy, the name is a long story) and then RTB early.
8) Halifax did what many thought was impossible, she made me want to leave the Marine Corp.
9) But I still want to go running, probably thanks to Senior Drill Instructor Staff Sargeant Ward and Drill Instructor Sargeant Blanco(that bastard, if i ever see him again i wont be trying to buy him a drink, probably the whole damn bar).
10) I also have the lust to PT like hell and get promoted quickly... I need the money for a variety of reasons.
11) I may need a loan soonish.
12) I'll admit it, emotionally, I am a compmlete and utter weakling.
13) Truth and honesty are beautiful things, but sometimes they can hurt to.
14) I do miss being on base for some stupid reason. Usually I am trying to get out of there.
15) I wear my issued combat boots alot, even when not on base / on duty. they are real comfy.
16) I got yelled at by Chicago twice since I've been here, deserved it both times.
17) I dunno, I was gonna put something here, but forgot.
18) Chicago has a very nice public transportation system...compared to LA.
19) Both Halifax and Chicago got sick from eating to much on the evening of the first full day that I was with them. What is it about me that inspires people to eat so much ? maybe my size ? 6'7, 220 pounds....?
20) 7 years. no, lets try 3 years and 6 months on the extreme outside. that is not exactly half of 7 by design, just by coincidence.
20) Halifax.
21) No I didnt screw up the numbering.
22) Spooky how them co-in-kee-dee-cez are starting to build up. almost like someone planned it.
23) That's even scarier.

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