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Stab myself in the head...

ever just wish that you had a gun so that you could shoot someone and save evolution some work ... then realize that there are no procejectile weapons nearby so you start looking around for something to stab yourself in the head with to put yourself out of the misery ?

I went to Del Taco tonight to get something to eat, cause the chow hall doesnt serve midrats on friday nights. so i drive up to the drive thru. well to start this right, I attempt to drive up to the drive thru, but there is this car sitting there not quite ordering but still blocking others from doing so. Then i suppose she figures that she has to drive up some to actually place the order and starts ordering. I say starts, cause about 5 minutes later she is still at it, the bitch is out right sceaming, I heard her in my car with my windows up and DMB blasting. At one point I hear her talking about how she wants an order of french fries, but not only that she wants fresh french fries.

Now, those of you who know me, know that what I was thinking at this point, "Bitch !!! If you fucking want fresh fucking food, what the fuck are you doing at damned Del Taco at fucking midnight !!!!"

but like i alluded to above, i just held onto the steering wheel in a death grip (pretending it was her neck), turned the music up (trying to escape to my quiet place), and begged god to send me a condition one 1014 ( 1014 = joint service semi automatic shotgun, condition one dictates among other things that a round is in the chamber of the weapon and the only thing that you need to do to engage targets is take the weapon off of safe).

there is more, it took me like 20 minutes to get my food, but lets just say it really wasnt worth it. I'm off to watch a violent movie and do some pushups ... some people.

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