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It's that thing inside you, its that light that burns brightly telling you that yes you can go on when all the other factors are telling you stop, its over. To defy the odds and overcome. It's about having faith in youself. "faith, the tiniest, thinnest of barriers ... you'll be able to stand there without bolting, because you believe."

When the doctors say no you cant, when your body begs and pleads for you to stop. you continue because the job is not yet done, because it is not yet time to lay down and sleep.

Its about knowing the odds are against you and standing up and fighting forward anyways. History is filled with countless accounts of desperate struggles. Time is not sufficient to tell of the valiant efforts of the uneducated, outnumbered, understrength masses who have claimed their place because they defied the status quo.

Because after being knocked down, they stood up, again and again and said no more.


Dream. conceive. Imagine. Wish. Aspire. Hope.

Dream sweet, beautiful, wonderful dreams.

Then fight like hell.

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