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Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing...
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
The Mountain Top Vision
There is this dream / vision that i sometimes have ... usually late at night. I have had it with me for a while.

I see myself on a mountain in the pitch blackness of the night.

Not a star in the sky.

there is a stillness all around me. A feeling of being utterly alone.

and when i look out of the cliff, against the back drop of the night, i can see that i haven't managed to climb the highest mountain, but that in order to see those other higher peaks i had to climb this one.

I see that to get to the top of those mountains, i must now descend the one i just fought up, the one i had to go through hell to get to the top of i must now go down through that same hell again and then go climb an even bigger tougher one.

so then i look around in bewilderment saying to myself "good job genius, fucked again" (because this happens quite frequently). Eventually i think of all the people who god sent to push, pull and guide me up to this peak in my life and i look down and notice that it is the light of a heavenly host of angels that is showing me the other peaks around me.

Current Music: Desert Of My Days - Larnelle Harris

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