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I know its been a while since i posted anything new, but there is a good reason why...

I had to spend some time to calm down so that i could speak / write in a reasonable fashion. I usually think of mysef as a very controlled person, but sometimes, somethings push me in ways that force me to take a breathe ( sometimes a few days worth ) before I am able to confront them.

See something, I am not going to say what because it is military related and i could get in trouble for speaking out negatively about it, but something happened that i more or less got blamed for. It wasn't my fault, I couldnt have prevented 2 different staff seargants from scheduling me for the 2 different briefs at the same time, one of which i didnt need to go to and one that they never told me about.

but its ok.

me ok now.

venting over with.

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