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Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing...
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
have you ever had any of those moments of just perfectly clear thought. Those times when it all makes sense, when you were able to factor out all the external distractions and just come to the correct conclusions. And you just feel like you could just lift off and fly because a great burden had been lifted. You just want to soar, fly free and unencumbered by the weights of the world.

I have been playing Go almost all day and that is the way I feel right now about a number of things. All the pieces have just collapsed and fallen into the correct order. What needs to be done is clear. Some are easy, some mentally difficult, some will take buckets and buckets of sweat to accomplish. But it is what is required. the facts speak for themselves. There was a break in the day when i went out to go watch the sunset.

That to was very informative.

It's odd to the point of disturbing how a natural event that occurs on such a regular basis can have so much meaning.

I think that I shall go see the sunrise.

Current Music: Tryin' to Breathe - Dilated Peoples - Neighborhood Watch

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