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damn jarheads - the blackhawk incident

So there I was, at the Navy's SEAL base at the Chocolate Mtn bombing range. Now i suppose I should give a better introduction than that. We ( 4 of us ) were sent to this place for a week to be on the lookout for illegals trying to cross through the range to get to LA, to be a quick response team in case an aircraft made an unplanned landing etc, etc. so thats why we were there.

so anyways there i was watching these two blackhawk helicopters that had landed on their pad (which is like 50 - 100 ft from our trailer) but i was outside watching them cause anything that flys is of great interest to me. so i was watching these two helicopters with there rotor spinning and the flashing lights and all.

did i happen to mention that we are in the desert. Like the sandy desert.

you ever get that feeling that something is not quite right. That maybe you should move.

Well I know a little bit about things that fly, so i noticed the increased whine of their engines and i knew in the back of my head that they were finished with whatever pre-flight checks that they were going to do and were about to lift off. even as i ducked behind the trailer and saw the 1st one lift off (awesome sight btw) i was engulfed in this incredible man-made dust storm from the downwash of their rotorwash. it was similar to getting smacked around by a boxer with sandpaper on his gloves.... then the second one went by. well it wasnt that bad, not something i would want to repeat (so why did i...) it was kinda cool actually.

more later.

oh, one more thing, our first night there was introduced by this gigantic BOOM !!! followed by a lot of machine gun fire. i just rolled over in bed and was like damn SEALs, I hope they dont do that crap every night. thankfully they didnt. But them damn blackhawks kept coming and going.....
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