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after taking care of the details what do i sit down and do ? well play a few games of internet go of course...

information about the kiseido go server

to kinda keep meself out of trouble, i also am getting caught up on everyones journals and seeing whats what in the world (i realized yesterday that i had not listened to the radio, seen a TV, read a newspaper or been online). was kinda nice to not worry bout things but at the same time, i felt kinda bad cause i didnt know what was going on in the world.

so yeah, am playing catch up for a bit. also doing a bit of the internet equivalent of some window shopping for the goof-friend *duck*.

onylittle ... everytime i type or even think of that title / handle it makes me smile ... i understand, i havent started uploading yours yet but when i find where i left off i will, i do care. but dear god you can write ... that is a good thing btw.

lumpylizard even though i am not there, i am still here for you. i wanna be there, and i am kinda, ya know mentally like. but am here. there / here. (insert cheesy toothy grin).i went shopping for you kinda... no packages inbound your location yet. can you send a corrected snail mail address to me so i dont screw that up again.

LT. jg. in order for me to truly get it in my head that you are a naval officer, i need to see you in uniform. this is just crazy. it came to me last night that i just dont believe that this is our new reality. just mind boggling.

.watersugar hey vampire lady, you are a deep, deep person. and be proud of your nerdy / geekiness it is a gift (it is entirely possible that with this next sentence i will get myself into a "LOT" of trouble, so do me a favor and smile due to the fact that a fellow nerd is risking great personal peril to attempt deliver a compliment) the additional fact that you are not of the, ah um roundish, pale, variety with coke bottles attached to your eyes and can wear something like that as well as you do makes you even more unique ... but i doubt that you or anyone else will ever find yours truly in a suit in borders or barnes and nobles ... though do service charlies count as a suit ? probably should... so i suppose that nullifies that entire last sentence...

maybe i should go eat something today... that might makes this sleepy, fainty, dull mood of mine go away and i might be able to form a coherent paragraph.

more on life with navy seals later.

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