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doing the right thing....

Every once in a while, something happens that reminds you that you are on the right path.

Tonight, I was standing guard on the bases main gate with 3 other people. standing there, i periodically caught sight of helicopters lifting off and heading out (presumably on practice missions). And i was reminded of a similar sight at my last residence in san juan capistrano. I used to watch helicopters heading to and from camp pendleton and wonder why i was not on one of them. I used to wonder how i would like the marines. Wonder why i was sitting in a useless IT job being unhappy. wonder if i would end up a 50 year old bitter man still wondering.

fast forward to today when i looked up at similar helicopters. And a smile crossed my face. a knowing smile, knowing that i had done the right thing. Peace. knowing that this is where i belong.

Knowing that this is where I belong.

Finding inner peace in one of the worlds roughest, toughest military forces.


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