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I cant stop reading this post by watersugar ...

People say that faith is the scariest thing to have because it's not based in truth, and in one respect, that's correct.

Faith isn't about believing in what you already know to be true. It's about betting all your chips on someone or something that the odds are stacked against. It's about saying, "although there is no proof, I choose to believe in you because I love you." And sometimes things fall though and you're hurt, but the most beautiful thing about faith is that it's not the outcome that determines its success--it's the simple act of placing yourself in harm's way for something that may or may not exist, simply because you care. It's about putting aside your fears and believing in that one, tiny ray of hope that you can only see with your heart; it's about shifting your very perception of reality and ignoring all the tangible evidence staring you in the face. Faith in anything or anyone takes a strength not many possess, especially after you've been seemingly betrayed by what you believe in. There are so many people who laugh at the religious or balk at certain friendships and relationships, but these people don't understand faith. They don't realize that it's not what you believe in or what turns out to be true that validates it. It's the courage to overcome your fears and put all your cards on the table because of love; that's what makes it worthy of respect.

It takes an extraordinary amount of courage to have faith. When you open yourself to love, you'll find all the greatest pains a person can experience, and when you find that, you'll find faith waiting between you and oblivion--faith, the tiniest, thinnest of barriers. And you'll be able to stand there without bolting, because you believe.

And that, interestingly enough, is one of the truest things in the world.

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