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Request For Comments

This post has to do with my restaurant.

No, I do not own one yet, but it is in my long term plans. One of those things that I dream about. i dont have an actual name or location setup in my head, but i kinda want to do like out in the country somewhere. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, somewhere green with water flowing by(I am originally from southern california where that is a rarity).

One of those countless little country diners that serve basic home cooking... basic but specialize in breads, pastries and desserts, maybe with a focus on vegetarian on the meal side. ya know like a restaurant on one side and then the bakery + creamery(ice cream speciality) on the other side ? thats what i am thinking anyways.

or maybe one of those places in the city that is just modeled after a country diner, bakery with a gourmet side ? as you can tell much has to be decided. though i have decided on the bakery, ice cream palor where we make our own breads and ice desserts and a place to sit down and eat. Eat what though, sandwhichs seems to boring but it could be a starting point. am thinking meals.

I dont have a name yet anyone have and ideas ?
I am working on a basic menu will post that when it gets firmer....which means that that might be years... i have time ... another what ... 19 years 3 months till i EAS (End Of Active Service aka retirement...provided i make it that long)

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