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my car, ocs and the heat

well i was driving somewhere recently and noticed that the airconditioning was acting funny... well its been acting funny for a while, but i guess that i just started looking more closely at it, and the little knob thing came off my hand.

no big deal right ? just put it back on. well there have been a lot of little things recently. And this all reminds me of a promise i made to myself a while ago. When i graduated from college, i had this old beat up dodge shadow, which over the next summer sucked all my money out of me. I wont say how much, but it was a lot. And when that was over, I promised myself that that aint happening again.

Its just not.

and somehow my sister predicted all this. cause i do drive my car pretty hard. she asked me in her own way, "so ummm what car do you plan on getting if this one dies ?" well, i wont say that this one is dieing quite yet, but with the windows acting funny, the airconditioning ( thats big as it was 110 yesterday), and a few other things that i have noticed, i dont want to wait till its dead before i try to trade it in for something else. It does have 116000 miles on it. damn near all of which i drove. in about 3 years. so its had a good run, but am now way sentimental about it.

Its a car.

talking about the heat, there is this older guy that i used to work wtih in air traffic control, a retired marine. He used to describe driving in the heat out here as "imagine driving, roll down the window and being hit with a hair dryer in the face." I was thinking to myself bullshit... but ok. In actuallity, yup, thats a pretty good description. You roll down your window and its like someone is holding a hair dryer on high heat into your face.

All this, and i would rather be here than in cold. at least in the heat you could / can walk somewhere if you really wanted / had to. In the cold.... you'd be SOL. heat, just drink more water. cold, drink more water, bundle up, if it is snowing / raining / whatever falling good fucking luck finding your way to where ever you are trying to get to...though it might be easier on foot than having your car slide all over the damn place. and if you are driving make sure you remember to budget in the 45 minutes that its going to take to dig your car out, heat it up, and chisel off all the ice...

(all this bitching and i really would move back to michigan, the spring / summer / fall was nice)

I understand why the marines have a base here, if you are going to fight in this environment. you just gotta know what to expect....

what else is in this monster update.... me sister (whom i am incredibly proud of) is in navy, well she is in the navy, but she is also in the navy's officer school. A lot of people ask me why i didnt become a marine officer, or why i havent yet. well i didnt start out one for legit reasons that i couldnt do anything about. why i am not now ? Motivation, well my only motivation at the moment is money, and if i want more of that i shoulda just stayed away from the military.

money is a poor reason to do things.

there is another thing in that i dont think that i am going to like my sister refering to me as lance corporal (current), corporal or whatever .... trying to beat my sister or equal her may not be a much better reason to do something, but that has never stopped me before.

Then there is SSGT Nelson...... usually with SSGT's or Gunnys or whatever find out i am an enlisted marine with a four year degree in computer science they usually give they typical money / not getting fucked with / etc type reasons for going to ocs. i addressed the money one above, and i am quite able at maintaining a low profile so i dont get screwed with THAT much to begin with. so... *shrug*. well this SSGT''s reaction was a bit different.

He was more of the opinion, what a waste to having you standing post, when you have such training. he was much more vocal about it, and i stood there trying to maintain my bearing (failing badly). but yeah, that was his take. and i had thought that type of stuff but had never really heard anyone say it before.

I agree.

so why havent i got my lazy ass in gear and done what needs to be done so i can be that which i have so much potential to be ?


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