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more sinfest

The Beat Poet URANUS Makes His Explosive Debut:

Adam and eve sittin' in a tree T ... E ... M ... P ... T ... E ... D ...
First came Eve,
Then came Adam,
Then came the pissed off Lord right at'em !!!!

Thank you ! Shout out to all my groupies !
One Love, Y'all peace out !

West coast rules !

Please Give IT Up For Slammin' Hip Hop Poetess IT - Girl:

Rose be red -
Violence be bloody -
Littleton kid went killing with his buddy ...

Una-bomber !
Oklahoma !
Sharks in da gene pool south of Kosovo

Everyone's packin -
So I'll pack my nickel bag -
Gonna get my peace on and offer yas a drag...

Thank you.

All courtsey of www.sinfest.net.
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