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drunk, lonely, violent jarheads

there are three stories here, i will start with last night and work backwards. It has been a very busy in this weeks chronicles of my adventures in the marine corps.

well it was like around midnight and i was here on my computer happily playing away on my computer when all of a sudden this wild eyed freak bursts in the door.

"WHERE IS HE !!!!"

thats all he said. i had headphones on cause for whatever reason ... ah, i was playing halo. so i kinda gestured towards the head cause i assumed the question more than i heard it... this happens somewhat often. so i slip down my headphones and was like "what ?" to which he looks at me and replies with the same only in a more drunken slur. So I point to the bathroom, and tell him that he's taking a shower. I am leaving out the parts of me stupidly asking him if he was drunk, cause that took a whole 5 minutes and i could smell the alcohol from 7 feet away when he WASNT talking.

So anyways he figures it out and goes into the bathroom ( to turn off the hot water ) and his, um sidekick just kinda leans against the rack and trys to maintain his balance.

Now think about this. Imagine being in the shower trying to ya know, take a shower. And this drunk fool who is crazy enough sober, comes in and starts turning off the hot water. so there you are probably all soaped up and this huge ( he is kinda big ) drunken fool ( who doesnt have to work tomorrow ) just wants to play with the water settings.

The thing is that i cant be the least bit mad at him, and neither can my roommate. As this guy is on the list of people to go to Iraq shortly and really, he deserves to have all the fun that he wants.

well thats the drunk one, on to what i call the lonely one.

well the lonely and violent one are kinda intertwined, only in that I found out about their plight on the same day. The violent one is this cool, crazy, overly talkative redneck loud mouth who apparently beat the crap out of his wife. I mean most of that in a good way, he seems like a nice enough guy, well with the obvious exception.

The one that i call lonely is this crazy SOB who doesnt know when to stop trying to have fun and get serious about something. Anything. He got in trouble, well he got charged with stat rape cause he had sex with a 15 year old. He swears that he didnt know her real age, and i believe him. One because he is largely a good guy, and two because he is largely a moron.

anyways, i could go on for hours about these two, but i will just leave it at we were sitting around one day last week. me, the lonely one, the violent one and this other guy we will just call D1. so these two had just got out of jail and were going on about mostly their conditions in the jail. and the lonely one was going on about he was segregated from the rest of the population, probably for his own good. And the reason that I am calling him the lonely one is because he sounded so pitiful every time he said something about his conditions. how no one would talk to him. And then with the violent one describing the fight with his wife. Describing how he used marine corp moves to hit his wife in the chest, send her flying off the bed, across the room, into the closet and on to finally slam into the wall... amazingly the bitch got up from that and went at him again. I never really figured out who threw the first punch.

After they left the room D1 spoke what we were both thinking.

"And the fucked up thing is that neither of them think that they did anything wrong."

D1 had a more normal reaction, he was largely disgusted. oddly, or maybe not for me, i was on the floor laughing my eyes out the whole time.... every other word out of the lonely one was a combination of both, "Its not like I did anything wrong", and "whats the big deal it was just a little sex ?"

In the end all charges were dropped against both of the for one reason or another....

wheew. what a week.

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