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i just like quotes ok. - Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing...
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
i just like quotes ok.
this is all in reference to my fraly.

because i love her.

Love is passion. Obsession. Someone you can't live without. Someone you fall head over heels for. Find someone you can love like crazy, and will love you the same way back. Listen to your heart. No sense in life without this. To make the journey without falling deeply in love, you haven't lived a life at all. You have to try, because if you haven't tried, then you haven't lived.

- Anthony Hopkins character William Parrish in the movie 'Meet Joe Black'

she is all that and more.
she is my lady.
she is my love.
i definitely dont want to make the attempt to live without her.

you mean so much to me baby.

Current Music: Always - Kirk Franklin - The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin

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