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So I was talking to someone earlier who wanted me to write in my journal, not quote people.


here i am.

typing. you see the problem is that my recent impending marraige to the love of my life went down in flames. well it kinda went up in flames, but we extinguished the fire, but not before massive harm was done to our relationship (which we are now trying to fix) but due mostly to distance(me thinks) that is proving difficult.

It is one of those situations where she loves me. And I love her. but TDSTBE. (That Doesnt Seem To Be Enough) weird how people are all the same ( a total of maybe 4 people world wide know what all that above means, both the obvious and hidden meanings ( of which there are many ) ).

so i / we are attempting to repair the damage that the fire cause, which seemingly burnt down damn near everything but the foundation which i suppose is a positive in some strange form. at least we have something to build off of.

blah work calls.

good ole general orders.

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