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out drinking vs in studying

well those were my choices...

to go out to some restaurant... where i would be tempted(not that anybody would tempt me, more that i just want to) to drink, and therefore i would (margarita's probably).

or to stay in and study my airfield diagrams (I am an Air Traffic Controller - Trainee, so i still have much to learn).

so since i am typing this right now, guess which one i chose to do. Sometimes i hate being older and therefore more "responsible".


on the flip side, i just had my first meal of the day and the people i was going to go to the place with are probably still waiting on their food.... thats something i suppose.

of to study i go.
on a saturday night.
not with my woman.
in my barracks room with my roommate who is on the phone with his girlfriend.
(an even longer story).

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