radiantshadow (radiantshadow) wrote,


well i have lost you.

odd that it was by mutual consent, yet we were both so sad as i stepped away from our final embrace
we both admitted to being sad, but relieved.
now i am just sad.
but a certain peace exists, an uneasy nervous peace.
three years we spent with each other, plans for marriage were in the air.
what now ?
how do i go about filling the void that now exist in my heart ?

i have lost what is perhaps one of the most beautiful things that God has given me in this life:
    from head to toe, body and soul.
    your soft beautiful skin.
    your soft beautiful voice.
    that ever changing hair.
    your simple ways.
    you were like a curious kitten exploring your world.
        our world.
    a wonderful christian soul.
    someone who in her untrusting nature, found that she could trust me.
    someone who i was able to relax with.
    someone whom i called, friend.

I loved you.  I still do.  I probably always will in some form or fashion.
the time, the memories, the joy, the growth.
    All because both of us, so damn stubborn, unwilling to change.



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