June 18th, 2006


W D W 2006 06 18

The curse of the canteloupe.
Trip Report / Training Report

well, goodish day today stats follow:

78 km / 43 mi
averaged about 19 kph
total time moving was about 4 hr 15 min
start time 0530 at 85 degrees F
didnt think to check temp at the end...

good ride out, nice easy paved surfaces. mostly flat. at the tail end of the trip though i was successfully tempted by a roadside vendor selling fruit. I had initially rode past him, but the fact that i was at 64 km and not home yet, and the fact that i had up to this point been subsisting on clif bars, there just was no real decision so i turned around and got one for a dollar.

now, this is in the desert, the arizona desert. so there is sometimes a problem trying to find shade. so short story short, i had the guy cut the melon a little, and then had to balance this thing in my hand while riding across a not so busy state highway and about a kilometer or two down the street to a place where it was shaded that i could eat. now something else to understand, that the chow hall on base, while normally serving decent food, serves canteloupes that have the consistency of apples. This one was soft, it was sweet, it was slight cool, and simply a thing of beauty. but i digress...

back on the bike, get another 500-750 m down the road and why does the back tire feel like that ??? look down and lo and behold, that flat tire is why i carry so much extra gear with me. so, luckily i was near (actually on) this college campus and there were plently of buildings around to provide shade while i changed the tire, which because of being at km 65/66 took like 20 minutes. that worked pretty well and anohter half hour or so ??? something like that and i was back on base. tired, soaked, but entirely content.

Next week me thinks me will either attempt a Metric century (100 km) or this same trip at a faster pace, maybe 25ish kph ? not sure yet.

nice sunday morning. now off i go to find some chicken and watch a game.