May 1st, 2005


A List...

Ladies and Gentleman,
Boys and Girls,

welcome to my mind...

the vanity of some people really amazes me.
imdb is cool.
Lee - women ... do i have to say more... ?
why are short women so damn sexy ?
Liz - making inroads, motive unknown
mjel - where are you ever at ? i know i know, but you know...
dreamland - gearing up again.
sh - airborne platform, in concept phase, see dreamland.
mothers day - a week from today ... gotta find something to do for that...
ecto - pretty cool, takes a lot for me to be impressed by software these days.
dmb - new studio album out on the 10th.
star wars - out on the 18th
boyoon - co-wrote a very intersting paper on a docking station for autonomous robot recharging... got me thinking more about dreamland
u2 - just realized after the movie, that I have been listening to them for the better part of 10 years ?
keysha - just realized that crackhead didnt call...
shadows roam my head constantly these days, shadows and circuits.
daylight sucks
the interpeter was a really good move
music is such an integral part of my world, esp dmb, u2, and sir hans zimmer.

i make lists cause then i can just dump everything...