October 6th, 2004


Confessions of A Former Super Nerd

well me and a friend were talking recently and she said that she didnt have a computer and via computer is a large part of the way we communicate, i told her that i could probably find one for her if she could find a monitor. I was never a big collector of monitors...

So now that i am home, i went scrounging around my boxes looking for pieces and parts and am somewhat surprised by what i found. at least 2 high'ish power calculators, hundreds upon hundreds of cat 5 network cables. quite a few power cables. At least 2 external modems, about 5 mice, a very nice looking joystick and a rather large trackball. then there are all the misc cables, probably a mile or two of those as well.

I am just somewhat suprised by it all.
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    Furious Angels - Rob Dougan - Matrix Reloaded

Why ?

another night, sitting at kinko's abusing a free internet connection thinking of just 1 thing, knowing i'm not going to get it and then thinking of when i will be able to reach my distant second choice ( get back on base ).


Playing checkers with grandpa is always calming...he taught me how to play the game and still teaches me a few tricks...