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this shit sucks... - Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing...
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
this shit sucks...
so for the 4th day this week i cant go to work. the first three days it was cause medical said dont go. Today i show up at work and my staff sergeant was like what are you doing here ? so i told him they(medical) said that i had a slight fever but was ok to return to work. he rolls his eyes and is like get out of here....I dont even want you here.


did i mention that in addition to all this sickness stuff, last sunday i was recommended to be terminated from my training ?

so in addition to having pneumonia, a kidney stone, being down(air traffic controllers have to have what is call an up chit, so that we dont ya know fall out and faint or something as we are controlling aircraft) so i am down because of all the meds that i am on. in addition to all that, my PPI has recommended that they cut their losses and just stop training me entirely. which if that recommendation goes through, the marine corp will put me where they need me.


well if that happens then this really will become an adventure.....and that aint all that bad.

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