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my lovely lady

a few years ago, i met a girl.

it was at my moms house, it was a party that my sister holds almost anually. church folk, friends from school / work where ever.

I was helping with a barbecue, most people were inside the house, probably watching a laker game. when this person walks outside. a very attractive person. The type of person who would easily turn my head. she and my sister talked for a bit, introduced us and moved along.

I later asked my sis, um.... who was that ? she filled me in, also letting me know that she was "taken" / dating someone. So I took the information and stored it in the back of my head.

If I have anything, its loads of patience.

time goes by, we start dating, and now we are engaged to be married.

She is so many things that i dont know where to start.

She is mine. :)

She is a beautiful, tall, slim, intelligent, black woman.

She is incredibly goofy and clumsy (takes one to know one)

She is loyal, true, loving, and caring.

She is strong and fragile at the same time.

She is curious and eager to learn.

She is who she is.

She understands.

She listens.

She loves.

I Love Her.

I am willing to tell that to anyone.

I would do anything for her.


I Love Her.

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