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The long road to gunny

there are two main problems with me going to OCS.

#1 I dont want to leave out of here a failure and then try to go to OCS. I want to be an assest to the Marine Corps so that when my enlistment is up, they will want to keep me around :) not committing to anything just yet, but if i had to decide today i would definitely want to reenlist.

At worst, I would prefer people to at least say that yeah he sucks at Air Traffic Control, but he is a good marine, he just cant talk to aircraft. It was always, I think, a grand expirement to see if I could do this. I can do it. I want to do it. Its a cool job, I just aint doing all that well at it, at the moment.

#2 My PFT(Physical Fitness Test) score. It needs to be higher than what it is now. I am actively working on this one also. I just need to get stronger in pullups and running. Simple to say, not as easy to do.

there is a number three, but I am putting it seperately because it is more a knowledge issue. You see, the most influential people in my USMC career thus far have all been gunny's. Hence the title of this entry. Thats been my goal. And then if I go to OCS, I have to change that goal. To What ? dunno.... There has always been a gunny roaming around somewhere where ever i have been so far that was like a role model. Before I joined to corp in 2003 i had read somewhere that gunny's are like the tribal elders of the marine corp because they just know so much. Need something that no one else knows how to do ? Go ask a gunny. That has pretty much proven to be true. And that means a lot to me ... I am a person to whom, fast and accurate answers are important. So if I go to OCS, I will no longer be on the "Long Road To Gunny".

That said, what road will i be on ? hmmmm......

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