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description of me.

hello again,

so i guess that it is time for a "real" post. a little about me i suppose. I am 28 years old. and the newest greatest "thing" in my life is my decision to join the marines last year. i actually went to boot camp in march of last year. that was a definitive expirence... i was going to go to OCS, Officier C something School. but there werent enough spaces and i was / am to tall for a waiver, 6'6.

so i just said screw it and went enlisted. Prior enlisted probably makes better officiers anyways.

Um ... how would i describe myself ... how would my friends describe me... nerdy/geeky, emotional, crazy. not that i agree with all those, but they are the ones that tend to come up in reference to me. nerd/geek comes from the fact that i am a long time computer nerd and am relatively good with numbers and numerical transformations (and that i would use a word like "numerical transformations"). I also have a knack for figuring odd things out. emotional *shrug* I have had people call me that....not that i agree with it but i am kinda biased. crazy, um i sometimes do things that are less than sane, taking extremely long walks, living in freezing cold MI for 6 years, work 100+ hours in a week for multiple weeks back to back, joining the marines at age 28, the way i drive when i'm in a hurry/pissed off/not in a hurry/the definition of calm, etc etc ...

I have one sister, one year older and she absolutely refuses to leave sunny california for any significant amount of time.

I am a loner of sorts. that has always been the way. I like to be around "certain people" but i'm not a fan of crowds in general. at the moment i am still single, black male, 28, 6'6 ~200, glasses, BS Computer Science, nerd, kinda want to go to culinary school so time....although i do have a gf, there that way i wont get into to much trouble :).

I have to mention my lakers, cause they are one of those topics that i am always if not up to date on, then at least interested in. I LOVE to play pool but havent gone in what seems like a real long time. an insight into the way i think: favorite lakers are AC Green, Ron Harper, Robert Horry. guys that are just always there, ALWAYS THERE, roaming around the background doing that stuff that needs to be done. Horry is a little different but more same than different...he sleeps more during the regular season...

what else about me.... I am particular to al pacino and robert deniro. music, Dave Matthews Band and U2 for rock. john williams and hans zimmer always produce good soundtracks. walter hawkins on the gospel side. the one and only Quincy Jones deserves both to be mentioned and in capital letters. His "Back on the Block" album has one of my favorite songs of all time on it. "The Places You Find Love". The other favorite being "I'm Going Away" by walter hawkins.

I am seventh day adventist. a bit of an interesting task being that and being a US Marine.

ok, it is late and i am heavily distract.

bye for now,

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