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The Plan

The Plan.

I will readily admit that it is not a complete plan. Nor will i admit to being a good or bad plan. But it is a plan. That much is known. But not much else.

Ever think about the future ? Part of the reason that I joined the Marines is to have time to think about the future.

So I been thinking. Thinking about the times in my short life when i have been happy, content, at peace. Those times are few, but suprisingly disttinct. They have more than a few common traits.

I had a job, but it in no way defined who i was.
I was surronded by friends.
I had a job, but wasnt making to much money.
I didnt have to many bills.
I didnt have much of anything, except time.

so how do i turn the above and more that i didnt write into a life?

Two overriding thoughts engulf my mind these days: one, i want to learn to cook/bake better. and two, i want to travel.


so i can travel somewhere for a week or so, me and me finiance(fraly) are in the process of thinking of that for a honeymoon following the wedding. But the problem of that is that after the week you have to come home back to your job. I had that expirence in New Zealand. i suppose everyone has that problem, but what if you went somewhere for a year or more. now we are getting to it. fraly's actually done that.

The problem with that of course is that of finances. like where to stay. At the moment i only have one option that is realistic - "backpacking around". But that has its own problems for long distance hikes, notable is that i like coastal areas, and i would have to swim to the next island to get there cheaply. so thats a problem. second, i dont think that i could get fraly to go along with that plan ... considering that she cant swim.

second option that is not really realistic at this point is that of sailing there own our own sailboat.

The sailboat, it is a good theorical idea, sounds romantic, beautiful, even elegant solution. The problem is reality: I have never stepped foot on a sailboat, i have been on a big huge 1000 person cruise ship and on a little pontoon thingeramajigger, but never a sailboat. I know virtually nothing about blue ocean sailboats, other than it sounds hard, fun, and challenging. very dangerous combination for my mind.

Recently I read a book called "An Embarrassment of Mangoes" and was impressed by the benefits of a sailboat. A LONG time ago i read a book called "A Walk Across America" and was inspired, to walk, to see things from on foot, to see the all the things that you miss driving 70 miles an hour.


The Plan.

The plan also includes the restaurant. And the long range travel is a tangent off that plan. I figure that it would help in some way.

The Plan.

Expirence has taught me that the plan has to be flexible. Or life will flex it by itself then you are left wondering WTF happened to your grand theory. My plan is waiting for life to flex it. bring it on.

whatcha got for me next.... ?

over the weekend fraly expressed much interest in the plan so thats a good thing.

The Plan.

As the korean princess from kentucky would say "hmmmmmmmm cookies".
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